When Taking the Police Test Why Do Some Police Candidates Have an Unfair Advantage?

Why do friends and loved ones of police officers do well on police judgment/scenario questions and have an unfair benefit? Although it is a federal mandate that you’re now not required to know police approaches whilst taking law enforcement entrance exams, many check makers finish that police approaches are just commonplace feel. They’re typically blanketed within the test in some form. The motive: they degree  very vital tendencies needed for police paintings: JUDGMENT and COMMON SENSE.

But here’s THE DILEMMA: to genuinely do nicely on these judgment questions you want extra than just not unusual feel. The purpose police buddies and spouse and children do properly, is that they are familiar with police language and police thinking. This offers them a DECISIVE EDGE once they pick solutions to those questions.

Ideally, you shouldn’t want to know police processes and regulations or the law; you should simply be able to interpret them. Realistically, in case you recognize the basic philosophies of police methods earlier than taking the check, answering the questions becomes a good deal less difficult.

To Answer Police Situational Questions You Must Think Like a Police Officer

British Police officers

If you had a chum or relative who changed into at the police force they might help you THINK LIKE a police officer and supply YOU an aspect while answering police situational questions.

In this article I will come up with some vital pointers and strategies on a way to handle tough police situation questions. The goal is to help you THINK LIKE a police officer. It will no longer handiest come up with an area for the written take a look at, but also will help you with the ORAL INTERVIEW.

On the check you will be given police methods and requested to use them to conditions. You’ll be tested for your capacity to recollect facts, examine records and practice it the usage of common sense, accurate judgment and the capability to clear up troubles.

Most 먹튀폴리스 police technique questions ask: What could YOU do if Assume you are a police officer. How would you reply? The questions are based totally on ACTUAL POLICE SITUATIONS.

For instance: What might you do if you noticed a person on foot down the street dressed best in a baseball hat, (bare) carrying a baseball bat? Arrest him? On what fee? What might you do?

The first issue you ought to do is to invite questions and try to decide what occurred. He can be a victim of against the law. Don’t bounce to conclusions.

TIP: Do the maximum crucial things first! It’s IMPORTANT TO PRIORITIZE your reaction to the scenario. It’s also crucial to make yourself familiar with the role of a police officer in the precise police branch you hope to join. Each department has a particular set of priorities that govern a cop’s choice-making manner.

Here are some crucial elements you must know while answering police judgment questions.

  1. Protect the welfare of residents, sufferers, and fellow officers. ALWAYS generally tend to and assist anyone who is in hazard, injured, wounded or inside the line of fire, etc. Help absolutely everyone in risk. Repeat, your maximum crucial task is to constantly help and guard endangered people FIRST. This includes sufferers of crimes, injured persons, physically endangered people and ability sufferers.
  2. Secure public order. Keep the peace against acts of aggression, riots, armed suspects and destruction of assets.
  3. Uphold the laws. Arrest folks that violate the legal guidelines, protect crime scenes and maintain proof. Enforce legal guidelines, inspect violations of regulation and make arrests whilst essential.

Four. Help the ones needing assistance. This obligation specializes in human beings not in instant danger, along with non-injured sufferers of crimes, the mentally sick, the homeless, omitted youngsters and lost or stranded individuals.

  1. Maintain order on your beat. Check your beat for suspects and suspicious pastime. Investigate suspicious people, capacity hazards, etc. Know your beat by way of becoming acquainted with the bodily shape, the streets, the homes and the people, in particular the criminal element.
  2. Maintain proper float of site visitors. Make certain broken site visitors signs and symptoms and lighting are repaired. Make positive proper course of site visitors is performed with the usage of visitors cones and traffic officers till maintenance are made.

Based on the use of the police priority thing, what do you do within the following state of affairs?

You are a police officer is working a safety guard detail on the nation fair. Which of the subsequent conditions do you take care of first?

  1. There is a crowd forming round two unarmed young adults arguing.
  2. A dumpster sitting next to the main tent pavilion is on fireplace.
  3. The Ferris wheel is caught in midair with humans still on it.

Four. A man, who is glaringly drunk, has surpassed out and is lying via the price tag sales space.

The correct solution is 2: The dumpster on fire must be handled first. It is sitting next to the principle tent pavilion and is probably a danger to many human beings.

The Value of Police Hierarchy The police officer’s job is extraordinarily tough at times. He/she is expected to make quick choices in conditions concerning conflicting values.

For instance:

It can be important to pick out between permitting dangerous criminals get away or risking serious damage to a hostage.

Some departments set clean parameters for lots of these styles of situations. But, because of all of the unforeseen situations officers face on a each day foundation, these parameters cannot cowl each viable form of state of affairs.

That is why regulation enforcement corporations test your practical judgment and not unusual feel so intensely. It’s also why it is SO IMPORTANT you know the priority list used by police businesses earlier than you take your test. YOU MUST KNOW what they bear in mind the order of significance to efficaciously solution police situational questions. The Police Hierarchy List You’ll note Police Hierarchy is much like the Police Priority listing but they may be no longer the equal.

While Police Priority is worried with order of significance, Police Hierarchy offers with rank and authority. LEARN THEM BOTH in case you want to do properly on police scenario questions. Plus, it’ll go a protracted manner in assisting you are making right decisions when you turn out to be a regulation enforcement officer. Here is the most generally used Police Hierarchy:

  1. PROTECTING LIFE AND LIMB IS #1. Always take motion first on the ones matters that pose a risk to someone’s protection and have a tendency to injured human beings: performing first useful resource, calling for an ambulance, and so forth.
  2. Obeying orders in emergency conditions is the #2 priority.

Obeying orders ought to be done at all times. The most effective exception is when the order interferes with the protection of existence and limb or violates the regulation.

Three. Protecting belongings.

Four. Obeying orders in non-emergency conditions.

Five. Maintaining your assigned responsibilities.

  1. Being efficient in getting the process performed.
  2. Avoiding the blame i.E. Earning praise and respect.

Blue light flasher atop of a police car

Using Police Hierarchy and Common-Sense

Situation: You are assigned to a specific place at some stage in an emergency state of affairs and ordered with the aid of your supervisor to live at this place. But, via leaving this place, you could assist a significantly injured man or woman and possibly keep that character’s existence.

What do you do? You are justified in selecting to go away your assigned region to help the injured character, despite the fact that you’re disobeying the supervisors order — furnished that leaving your assigned vicinity will now not result in other lives being put in danger or misplaced.

Always do not forget safety of existence is the number one priority.

By considering the Police Hierarchy and Police Priorities it’s going to help you “Think Like a Police Officer” and make answering police situational questions a whole lot simpler.


When answering Police Judgment Questions read carefully but do not study some thing into the scenario. Think like a COP. Think approximately the police precedence listing. Keep in mind things like “protection first” and the usage of the least quantity of force to get the job done. And always USE COMMON SENSE.